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Invent unreal words that do not exist yet!

How to generate a domain name

Type any word or a combination of words to instantly check the domain availability

Add any number of question mark symbol (eg. hello ????? or ??word???) anywhere to generate new combined words of specific length

Use + sign to get synonyms (eg. world+)

Tap on any generated word to get the word meaning. Tap on 'more' to generate more words, or tap on the available domain name to copy or select your favorite domain name registrar to reserve from.

How does it work

Idea ramen uses the biggest dictionary available on the planet to generate word ideas.

Domain name search is performed using a DNS resolver over https. Your browser directly talks to the public DNS resolvers to check domain availability.


Please note that the data is taken directly from the WordNet project and may contain offensive or incorrect terms and definitions.

DNS searches are fast however results are not authoritative, as a result you will find some false positives which you would have to check manually on any public domain name registrar website or via whois.

Terms of service

Idea ramen website is available for informational purposes only. This site relies on various third pary data sources, as such this site does not make any claim for data to be correct at any given time. See TOS.

Credits & license

Dictionary data is collected from Some data is collected from the Wordset project. Any future modification will be published under the same license as the projects mentioned here.

For full license details, please see the credits page

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