Create short videos in-browser

This browser does not support audio/video recording

This was created for Y Combinator application videos. However, this tool is useful to record any video where you want to have visual time clues to keep it short.

How to record a video

Set the length of the video and let the time clues guide you to create a perfect short video.

Quality and format

Recording supports up to 4k videos. Quality will be chosen automatically based on the device capabilities. Container and codecs are chosen based on the support on various operating systems and browsers. Best support is available in Chrome browser which will create WebM file using open codecs V9 for video and opus for audio.

Time clues

Before starting a video you will get a 5 second countdown to set yourself up and take a deep breath. Once the recording starts, you will see a colored progress bar on top of the screen, this green bar will turn yellow once 80% of the time has elapsed, and red once 90% of the time has elapsed.

When the recording ends

Once the set time ends, video recording will automatically end and you will be given options to playback the recording and download. You can also choose to end recording anytime before the time ends.

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